SCC Distributors Worldwide Convene at Annual Meeting

Static Control Components (SCC) brought together its authorized distributors worldwide at the company’s world headquarters in Sanford, NC for their Annual Distributor Meeting. Among the issues discussed were products, market opportunities, advertising, challenges and industry trends and concerns.

The meeting lasted 3 days, including tours of manufacturing, product testing and distribution facilities, technical training and comprehensive presentations on marketing and sales initiatives for the coming year.

Distributors’ technicians and technical support personnel were trained by Static Control engineers on the latest technologies introduced by OEMs, as well as the value-added technologies that SCC is developing for the remanufacturing industry.

Juan Carlos Bonell, SCC Vice President of Sales for Latin America and Distributor Markets, said that the industry is changing rapidly and Static Control’s global partners are increasing. He noted that it is critical for all participants to share ideas and information to confront the challenges ahead.

Discussions included updates on OEM actions countering new-build, and cloned ink and laser cartridges, why the OEMs will win its war on clones, and the steps Static Control is taking to protect genuine remanufacturers against clones.

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