More than Kindness

More than Kindness

The Chinese-based Dinglong Group is committed to the welfare of children. To this end, staff from Dinglong subsidiaries, Speed Infotech and Chipjet Technology set off on a 50-kilometer hike to support the cause of child protection, passing through various checkpoints and water replenishment stations along the way.

More than Kindness

In this way, they have helped raise awareness and funds for the public welfare of over 1.4 million children, child workers, and caregivers. The E.G.G. Walkathon, a 50km hike over 12 hours, was launched by Shanghai United Foundation in 2011. The charity adheres to the concept of happiness, independence, and effectiveness in providing happy growth and equitable development for minors under 18. It provides all participants with the dual value of personal challenge and charity involvement while helping to improve the professional ability of public welfare organizations. Children clearly benefit from the professional services and social care that are offered.

The event also emphasized the concept of “50 kilometers of zero waste” and encouraged participants to bring their own water cups and carry garbage with them along the way. In addition, plastic bottles recovered from the runaway activities will be sorted out and donated to environmental protection public welfare projects.

The challenge tested the participants’ endurance while delivering love to children. As global leaders in the field of recycled and chip products, Speed and Chipjet are committed to fulfilling their responsibility to society in a practical, useful way.



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