SCC Delivers Another Aftermarket’s First

Static Control (SCC) has launched the first set of its PolySphere Toner line, claiming it’s “the Aftermarket’s first OEM-quality, polyester, chemical toner”.

SCC says these exclusive, polyester, chemically produced toners (CPTs) will deliver an OEM-quality performance. This first line is qualified for use in cartridges that work in Dell® 5130 and related printers.

In coming weeks, SCC promises additional PolySphere toners will be qualified for a number of systems, including Fuji-Xerox and Lexmark devices.

The company claims there are many benefits to polyester CPT. The toner with a smaller particle size has a lower melting point than traditional toners, enabling the printer to operate at lower fuser temperatures and achieve more energy efficiency.

Also, polyester CPT is more chemically compatible with color pigments than styrene and acrylic toners, making prints more vibrant and true-to-life. PolySphere toners easily meet page yield, and exhibit optimum transfer efficiency.

Erwin Pijpers (pictured), Senior Vice President of Sales, said, “PolySphere toners have such a strong performance, thanks largely to the proprietary surface treatment we use. The charging, flow and durability of each particle is affected by the surface treatment.”

In the coming weeks, additional PolySphere toners will be come out for a number of systems, including Fuji-Xerox and Lexmark offerings.

“This is a huge achievement for our toner development and manufacturing team,” said Pijpers. “We are constantly developing the products the aftermarket needs to grow their business. This new line of color toners allows remanufacturers to offer an OEM-comparable system using the same technology as the OEMs, something that hasn’t been available until now.”



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