Ricoh Rolls out Its First 3D Printer

Ricoh has entered the 3D printer market joining the likes of HP and Konica Minolta who have strong businesses in the traditional toner and ink printer business, with its own branded printer.

Until now, Ricoh has been engaged in selling third party 3D printers and providing a complete range of services, from consulting to 3D data design to fabrication.

Ricoh has just launched its own branded 3D printer—the Ricoh AM S5500P. The OEM says it expects orders to be placed immediately, before the end of the month, in Japan, with sales in Europe and other countries to follow.

According to Ricoh, the Ricoh AM S5500P, using the technique of Selective Laser Sintering, is capable of producing high-definition and highly durable fabricated object.

The polymer powder materials, such as PA11 and PA12, are mainly used with the SLS method. Other highly functional materials like PA6 and PP can also be used. With a large modeling area of 550 mm (W) × 550 mm (D) × 500 mm (H), the RICOH AM S5500P is able to fabricate different kinds of parts at the same time and mold large parts all at once.

Back in September 2014, Ricoh started with its the Additive Manufacturing Business.



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