Innovative Way to Use Waste Toner

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MES’s Premium idea to save environment

A Cumbernauld firm has found a way to reuse the old toner power in ink cartridges which was previously thought to just be hazardous waste.

Moock Environmental Solutions Ltd (MES) main business is the recycling of printer consumables which must be disposed of under the Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment recycling legislation. Until now the powder was considered useless, but working in conjunction with Dundee University, MES has discovered it can actually be turned into pigments.

Sales manager Graeme Clowe explained: “There’s always activated toner powder left over when recycling cartridges, it can’t be reused and is classed as a hazardous waste. “This would previously have been sent to landfill, however working with Dundee University we managed to develop an admixture which enables this waste material to be reused as a high-quality pigment. “Premium Pigments are sold in four colors – black, yellow, cyan and magenta – which can be mixed to make virtually any other and are now used in various industries including arts and crafts, concrete and agriculture.”

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