InkTec Rolls out 2L Solvent Ink Pack Series for MBIS

InkTec has released a new 2L solvent ink pack series for the Mimaki Bulk Ink System (MBIS).

According to InkTec, the new 2L solvent ink packs are perfectly designed to be compatible with Mimaki printers with MBIS. The formulation is well-matched to the original 2L ink.

Matthew Cho, Product Manager, Business Development Department, said, “We believe InkTec’s new 2L ink products offer our customers an ideal option to be more competitive, because these 2L inks provide higher productivity and lower running cost.”

In addition, the MBIS package offers a practical solution to reduce waste without using cartridges and bottles.

Main features of the new release include:

  • Enhanced profitability – lower price
  • Higher volume package – long print runs and unattended printing available
  • Environmentally friendly – no used cartridges and bottles
  • Superior ink absorption – higher media compatibility
  • Robustness – high outdoor durability
  • Strong lightfastness – less color fading
  • Wider color range- outstanding image quality
  • Easy switch over from original ink without flushing – Plug and Play
  • Shorter drying time – enhanced productivity
  • Excellent continuous printing – no clogging

More detailed information is as below:


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