Ricoh USA Sued for Patent Infringement

californiaA California-based company, Commercial Copy Innovations (CCI), has sued Ricoh Electronics, Ricoh USA, Mimaki USA, and Lanier Worldwide for patent Infringement.

The company accuses Ricoh for infringing upon U.S. Patents Nos. 6,848,777 (“the ‘777 Patent”), 6,773,102 (“the ‘102 Patent”), 6,197,466 (“the ‘466 Patent”), and 6,453,127 (“the ‘127 Patent”), which the company has obtained from Eastman Kodak.

CCI claims that it is the owner of all rights and title in and to the aforementioned patents and asks to collect damages against the infringers.

According to, the patents referred to in the case are as follows:

  • 6,848,777: Aqueous inkjet ink and receiver combination
  • 6,773,102: Inkjet printing method for an ink/receiver combination
  • 6,197,466: Electrophotographic toner surface treated with metal oxide
  • 6,453,127: Establishment at a remote location of an internet/intranet user interface to a copier/printerCCI is requesting a trial by jury.

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