Canon Enhances Scanning with New Addition

Canon Settles Patent Infringement Dispute in Russia

Canon Enhances Scanning with New AdditionCanon says it has successfully concluded a patent infringement dispute against ООО Softtrade in Russia.

The case (A40-171039/14), which came before the Moscow State Arbitration Court, alleged infringement of Canon Inc’s Russian Patent No. 2467370. The lawsuit concerned “the offering and sale of certain toner cartridges for use in various models of Hewlett-Packard laser beam printers.”

In a statement dated October 20, Canon referred to the Court ruling, dated September 8, 2015, where the Court said it was satisfied with all of Canon’s claims and was obliged to order ООО Softtrade to stop selling and to refrain from selling the goods containing the invention under the Russian patent 2467370. Further, ООО Softtrade was ordered to destroy, at its own expense, any and all infringing cartridges. ООО Softtrade was also required to publish, at its own expense, the Court decision concerning this suit in the official bulletin of the Federal executive authority on intellectual property.

Back in November 2014, Canon filed a complaint alleging that certain models of cartridges sold on the Russian market under the trademark “Hi-Black” by the distributing company ΟΟΟ Softtrade, infringed its Russian Federation Patent 2467370. Before that, Canon also sued a distributing company X-Com Shop Ltd. for the same patent violation, which was settled in February 2015.

Canon Enhances Scanning with New Addition

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