New Plant Set to Triple Printhead Production

New Plant Set to Triple Printhead Production

Akita Epson Corporation says it will invest approximately 3.4 billion yen (US$28.22 million) on a new factory in Tokyo, Japan, which will allow the OEM to triple its inkjet print head production capacity.

Construction of the new plant will begin in November 2015 and operations will commence less than 12 months later, in 2016.

The new factory at Akita Epson will manufacture and assemble inkjet printheads based on the original Micro Piezo inkjet technology, the core devices used in Epson’s high-capacity ink tank printers and business inkjet printers.

Takashi Mitsui, President of Akita Epson, said, “Akita Epson is an important domestic production site with advanced technological capability and a close working relationship with Epson’s corporate R&D function. We make a significant contribution to the manufacturing capability of the entire Epson Group, sharing with Epson’s overseas manufacturing plants the technical expertise we have gained from manufacturing core devices. By using Epson’s original production equipment and automating and rationalizing production lines, the new plant will further raise our production capability.”


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