Has the Printing Supplies Industry Been Trumped?

Audiences are saying they want to hear Merritt Blakeslee—one of the key speakers at this year’s RemaxWorld Summit in Zhuhai, China.

Since 1991, US-based Blakeslee has been practising in international law and trade regulation, specialising in conflicts over international trade and intellectual property law. Blakeslee has represented clients in thirteen Section 337 investigations—including cases brought forward by Canon and Lexmark—involving trade, customs counselling, enforcement and litigation as well as anti-counterfeiting and trademark protection. He has been able to advise clients on how to operate legally in the challenging printer consumables environment.

At the RemaxWorld Summit 2018, Blakeslee will discuss the ins and outs of the tariffs and customs issues faced as a result of Trump’s trade war on China, which saw a 25% tariff imposed upon US$34 billion worth of Chinese imports on July 6 this year. He will advise how to navigate the difficulties that have arisen as a consequence of this trade war, as well as outline the realities of the situation and how it will impact both printers and suppliers while elaborating on the specifics of the tariffs being charged. He will also provide advice on how foreign companies should deal with US customs.

Blakeslee will participate in a panel discussion joined by IDC’s Maggie Tan and Print Rite’s Steve Weedon on various strategies Chinese companies open to Chinese companies wanting to deal with the USA and whether the trade wars will actually impact printer sales and imaging supplies in both countries.

There’s still time to book early bird tickets to this year’s event, don’t miss out! Click here to register.

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