Reman versus New-Built?

This year’s RemaxWorld Summit will conclude with a debate questioning the longevity of Reman and New-Built cartridge business models. Six industry leaders from USA and Europe with a range of backgrounds and experiences will argue their views, and there’s bound to be a perspective you haven’t heard before.

US-based Tricia Judge, the Executive Director of Imaging Technology Council has won critical acclaim for her writing and industry advocacy. She will draw upon her previous experience as Executive Editor of Recharger Magazine and time as a lawyer to argue very strong views in favour of remanufacturing. She will be supported by German-based, Volker Kappius, COO at Delacamp. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge from a background in international management, marketing, organizational psychology and business ethics. Kappius says he will argue his view passionately.

Others that will argue a strong position include US-based Merritt Blakeslee, an expert trade lawyer who has handled thirteen Section 337 investigations, including cases brought forward by Canon and Lexmark. And with a track record of over 15 years in the imaging aftermarket, the business development manager of WTA Carsten Weser GmbH, Spain-based Zoltan Matyas will also get stuck into the debate.

Those arguing in favor of the new-built cartridge business model include Print-Rite’s strategic business director, Steve Weedon. He is an award winning CEO, having previously held positions at several OEMs including Katun Corp and SCC. Weedon was also the original founder of the UK-based The Recycler Magazine.

Regular magazine contributor and speaker, familiar with the US imaging and managed print service industry, Christian Pepper will be very vocal in sharing his views on the controversial topic.

The RemaxWorld Summit 2018 promises to be a good one! We hope to see you there! Book tickets online here.

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