The Golden Ticket

In order to thank and reward its business delivery customers Cartridge World Accrington has devised a monthly surprise draw system, called ‘The Golden Ticket.

The new reward system is inspired by Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Every time when customers place an order for delivery, they’ll be given a golden raffle ticket. At the end of each month, “all the receipt slips go into a draw and the winner is presented with a significant surprise present, which is chosen specifically for them”.

Darren Turner, franchisee of Cartridge World Carrington, “We have a loyalty reward card system in place for in store customers, but wanted a way to thank and reward our business delivery customers too. The Golden Ticket now allows us to do this and the more orders that our business customers place, throughout the month, the more raffle tickets they receive, which significantly increases their chances of winning”.

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