Printer Toner Price to Increase Slowly

According to PRWeb, the world’s leading publishers of business intelligence IBISWorld released that printer toner has a buyer power score of 3.2 on a five-point scale, which reflects moderately favorable market conditions for buyers.

The publisher stated over the past three years, printer toner prices have increased due to the rising price of plastic material. Moreover, as more businesses and consumers handle documents online, falling demand of toner forced manufacturers to raise prices to boost revenue and profit. In addition, low availability of substitute goods for printer toner allows manufacturers to raise prices without significantly harming sales. It was predicted that toner prices will grow at a slightly slower rate in the coming three years, for the severe competition between name-brand manufacturers (such as HP, Canon, Xerox and Dell) and less expensive third-party alternatives.

However, it was noted that input costs can be highly volatile in the supply chain and results in some risk for buyers.

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