Office Depot Updates Annual Diverse Supplier Catalog

Following its initiatives in 2009, Office Depot, Inc. has released its ninth annual diverse supplier catalog. It’s worth mentioning that the workplace supplies giant was the first to come up with such catalog to exhibit the diversity of its products and suppliers.

According to, the 2017 Diverse Supplier Catalog highlights more than 2,000 items of its products. The items showcased a wide array of products, including paper, toner, laptop cases, mailing and shipping supplies, office furniture, writing instruments, cleaning and breakroom products, desk accessories, school supplies, and electronics. Among them, more than 1,000 products contain eco-attributes or eco-labels.

The Diverse Supplier Catalog showcases the fact that Office Depot’s complete assortment of products were sold by diverse vendors, who are certified minority-, women-, disabled-, LGBT-, veteran-owned and small businesses.

“Just as environmental sustainability helps protect our planet, supplier diversity helps protect our economy as it plays an essential role in the financial stability of our industry,” said Petter Knutrud, SVP, merchandising for Office Depot, Inc. “Office Depot’s 2017 Diverse Supplier Catalog provides opportunities for small and diverse-owned businesses to grow and succeed, and helps our customers in their supplier diversity purchasing initiatives.”

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