Ricoh TotalFlow Intelligent Marketing Solutions

The commercial print business isn’t easy these days with diminished print volumes, shorter runs, more demand for personalized communications, and business customers with needs reaching far beyond paper-based marketing collateral. Print service providers, quickly becoming commoditized, need to find new ways to go beyond print, grow their revenue and lock in loyal business customers.

That’s why many print service providers are aspiring to become full-fledged marketing service providers. To help them, Ricoh Americas Corporation today further detailed its strategy for Ricoh TotalFlow Intelligent Marketing Solutions, a suite of services that enable print service providers to offer their business customers personalized marketing services. These services span a broad array of channels – including print, email, Web pages, microsites, social media – from a single integrated platform.

For example, Ricoh TotalFlow Intelligent Marketing Solutions enable print service providers to create a customized Web-based storefront for each business customer. The storefront gives business users an intuitive platform from which to conduct powerful yet cost-effective integrated marketing campaigns. The solution streamlines business customers’ marketing operations by automating their ordering, processes, production and management of marketing assets, templates and finished products.

Ricoh TotalFlow Intelligent Marketing Solutions are the latest example of Ricoh’s Business Information Solutions approach, which tailors custom solutions to clients’ most urgent business challenges.

“Print service providers are working harder than ever with margins that are only getting slimmer,” said Dominic Pontrelli, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “If they want to thrive and expand their business, they need to evolve their role from just printing on paper to becoming full-service providers of marketing services across all the media their business customers are using today. Print service providers are well-positioned for this work given the close relationships they have with their customers, the customer content assets they already use – and now with Ricoh TotalFlow Intelligent Marketing Solutions – an entire service package at their disposal.”

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