Static Control Releases New Toner for Brother Printer

Static Control Components (Sanford, NC) released a universal, high-density toner for Brother printers. The new toner provides solid print performance and avoids extreme toner starvation or doctor blade build-up and backgrounding. By ordering this new toner in bulk, remanufacturers can also reduce their cost and space.

The high density toner is offered in four different weights and product codes are TRBUNIVHD-100B (100 g), TRBUNIVHD-200B (200 g), TRBUNIVHD-1KG (1 KG) and TRBUNIVHD-1KG (10 KG). They are all qualified for use in multiple toner cartridges, listed in the table below.

Contact Information:

U.S. Headquarters: Toll-Free: +1-800-488-2426

U.S. Headquarters: Tel: +1-919-774-3808

Europe Headquarters: Tel: +44-118-923-8800

Asia Headquarters: Tel: +852-2427-6011


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