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Ricoh Launches eForms Manager

Ricoh Launches eForms Manager

Ricoh Ricoh Canada claims that its eForms Manager is a powerful automated workflow management solution that enables businesses from the smallest SMB to Enterprises, to capture, communicate and move information faster by streamlining data distribution and digital processes for optimal efficiency.

eForms Manager offers a powerful low-code/no-code automated workflow management solution to capture, communicate and move information fast for a wide array of business needs.

“Ricoh’s eForms Manager allows organizations to quickly adapt and respond to fast-changing business needs. This platform means that our customers can digitize manual processes requiring little to no coding in less time without the need for expensive customization or programming talent,” said Craig Brown, Director, Products & Solutions, Ricoh Canada. “In today’s hybrid work era, we need to adapt by eliminating friction from business processes with automated workflows and digital processes that enable hybrid work, faster methods and fewer manual tasks and paper handling.”

Scalable to match the specific needs of businesses across a wide variety of industries, eForms Manager offers enterprise-grade security that is easily implemented and seamlessly integrated with an expansive range of business software and platforms. With just a click of a button from a PC, tablet, or mobile device, Ricoh’s powerful eForms software securely automates reviews, approvals and other actions via alerts and notifications from anywhere. Reducing manual paper-based tasks enables faster processes and brings information mobility to day-to-day processes so that users can:

  • Help eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate workflow completion by capturing data in an immediately usable format
  • Identify workflow trends and gain insights into areas for optimization and improved productivity
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface designed to easily integrate with systems including Microsoft SharePoint, Google Apps, and more
  • Optimize business processes from finance to human resources, sales, customer service, general administration and more to drive efficiency, and enhance employee and customer experience



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