Ricoh Firmware Update Stops Copiers rtmworld Zhono

Ricoh Firmware Update Stops Copiers From Working

Ricoh Firmware Update Stops Copiers rtmworld ZhonoRicoh Firmware Update Stops Copiers From Working
-but Zhono provides a solution for dealers and distributors

On March 9, 2020, Ricoh released its latest firmware update (2.27.1), which has caused much frustration for many office workers. When connected to the internet, the copier completes the upgrade automatically without office staff even being aware.

The copiers that are affected include the Ricoh IM C2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4500 and 6000 devices.

When consumers choose to use a third-party toner cartridge in their copier an alert message will be displayed on the display screen similar to the following:

Ricoh Firmware Update Stops Copiers rtmworld Zhono

Functions such as copying, printing and faxing are locked.

The action by Ricoh comes at a similar time to printer OEMs HP and Lexmark trying the same tactic on their printer customers.

During the time of the coronavirus, many office staff are angry that the copier and printer OEMs are making it more difficult and expensive to do business. The OEMs are forcing consumers to purchase their own branded, more expensive products and removing the right of choice from consumers.

Zhono Provides a Solution

In less than a month, Zhono developed and produced compatible chips and universal chips that will work aftermarket supplies for the Ricoh IM series of devices (Ricoh IM C2000 /2500 /3000 /3500 /4500 /6000) impacted by the firmware update.

The upgraded versions are 1h:JP /2h:NA /3h:EU /4h:AA /5h:CHINA.  For more information, please contact your sales representatives.

The list of the latest compatible chips provided by Zhono are listed below.

Dealers and distributors wanting top get hold of the new chips can contact Zhono online and send a message, or by phoning +86-20-32379620 (headquarters in China) or +1 919-647-9384 (in the USA) or emailing direct to


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Zhono’s Compatible Chip List

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