Ricoh Boosts Recycling in Europe

Ricoh claims that it has recovered more than 4,000,000 supplies, parts and components in its European remanufacturing processes.

According to, local Ricoh sorting centers recovered more than 180 tonnes of raw materials, including metals, plastics and cardboard, which shall be re-used in a wide variety of industries.

Ricoh claims it processes more than 350 daily return requests through their return program. The program has two streams: customer replaceable units and engineers’ service and maintenance parts, with reversed logistic services offered online. Ricoh sales companies and engineers throughout Europe are, therefore, able to return their re-usable supplies and parts via an interconnected network of local return schemes and sorting centers.

To help maximize the recovery of re-usable materials, while minimizing the transport of non-reusable items across borders, Ricoh developed the Ricoh Asset Management System (RAMS), which provides real-time tracking on returned assets. It guarantees the ability to recover valuable parts, supplies and materials as close to the customer as possible.

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