Turning Recycled Plastics into Equal Quality Plastic

Fuji Xerox has been awarded for its work in developing technologies that can turn recycled plastic materials into plastics of identical quality.

By working jointly with resin manufacturer, UMG ABS, they have been able to reduce CO2 emissions by maximizing resources usage, collecting used items and reusing them as parts.

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific accepted the “Sustainable Business Award for Waste Management and Materials Productivity” in Singapore, saying that the company was the first in the industry to introduce a product using reused parts back in 1995.

Fuji Xerox has since established the International Integrated Recycling System out of recognition that the efforts to reduce the environmental loads of its products are one of its Corporate Social Responsibility as a manufacturer.

The company says that the award is a confirmation of its robust standards in its full product life-cycle management across its nine Asia Pacific operating companies, as well as its Corporate Social Responsibility on reducing environmental loads of its products.

The international resource recycling system in the Asia Pacific region started operation in December 2004.

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