Remanufacturers Front Up During Tough Times

Despite the political tensions in the Ukraine, including recent threats of reprisals from Russia, and fears by US diplomats that World War III could break out there, 30 cartridge remanufacturing companies, from across the country, met up in Kiev to get on with business.

Market trends, new technologies and sales strategies were the focus of presentations by representatives from Static Control and Makkon (Static Control’s official distributor in the Ukraine). Presenters included Juan Carlos Bonell, Vice President of Global Distributor Sales at Static Control, and Sophie Lillie, the Distribution Manager for Eastern Europe. Makkon’s General Manager Vadim Sergienko and Sales Department Manager Svetlana Bondarenko participated as representatives from Makkon.

Sergienko paid tribute to the remanufacturers’ efforts and proactivity during times of political and economic crisis in the Ukraine. He noted that Static Control has managed to maintain its market share in the territory thanks to regional knowledge as well as the consistently high quality of Static Control products and the strength of its brand in the aftermarket.

Bonell (pictured) discussed global imaging market trends, highlighting the principal difficulties and opportunities for those in the region. In spite of some negative effects of the country’s crises, the aftermarket share has developed due to lower demand for OEM products, generating a greater need for high quality components and solutions provided by Static Control. Also, he spoke of the merger this year between Static Control and Apex Microelectronics, stating, “The opportunities which this merger presents for Static Control customers around the world are unrivalled, as well as the broad range of new products and an increased speed-to-market.”

Lillie talked about recent new releases from Static Control and products under development, as well as detailing some of the business opportunities provided by the company. “Static Control offers many unique solutions that can be implemented by remanufacturers to give their businesses the edge over their competitors,” Lillie said. “One such example is Static Control’s MPS solutions for extended high yield cartridges which will be a milestone for further growth in the Ukraine.”

To close the event, Bondarenko gave a presentation about the broadening of Makkon’s product portfolio and demonstrated Static Control’s new universal toner bottled in the Ukraine, as well as Makkon’s own cartridges which will be available in December.

Static Control received overwhelmingly positive feedback for the seminar from the participating companies. The event has generated great interest in new color solutions, plus many of Static Control’s unique product offerings.



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