PrintFleet Partners With HP to Offer Smart Device Services

PrintFleet’s customers now can take full advantage of HP’s Smart Device Services from within their existing device management solution.
This is all due to the partnership PrintFleet reached with HP Inc. to incorprate HP’s Device Services into the PrintFleet Optimizer™ solutions.
“This partnership with HP for Smart Device Services will ensure that our customers can continue to have the most accurate and reliable data in the industry while taking full advantage of new and advanced HP device management technologies,” stated Chris McFarlane, CEO, PrintFleet. “We appreciate the opportunity to work more closely with HP to help our joint partners lower cost and deliver greater value.”
According to PrintFleet® Inc., it will launch the latest data collection agent (DCA), DCA Pulse™ in the New Year providing more timely updates for all devices. PrintFleet believes that DCA Pulse™ will greatly enhance the precision and timeliness for improved HP device management, through close integration with HP technologies.

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