Print-Rite Unveils CoLiDo™ 3D Experience Center

With the festival joy of the International Children’s Day on 1 June, 2016, Print-Rite has announced the opening of its CoLiDo™ 3D Experience Center at Sam’s Club, the Mall, in Zhuhai.

The company claims it a historical milestone for both Print-Rite and Zhuhai city, as the partnership with a world famous brand like Sam’s Club shows the growing popularity of CoLiDo™ across the world. The retail level experience center is said to be one of its kind available for now in Zhuhai. It also serves as a platform for various industries to witness how changes of the revolutionary technology has impacted various fields, ranging from education, medical science, manufacturing, architecture, to design and many more.

Senior dignitaries from Zhuhai government and Print-Rite group Chairman, Arnald Ho presented the opening ceremony, with huge crowds of visitors flocking in to experience. Young visitors were treated with interesting free gifts made from 3D printers and pens.

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