Print-Rite Keeps Moving Forward

Print-Rite delivers its corporate driving message—“Our innovation, Your success!”—at US Time Square. It said it is “the only aftermarket manufacturer that has been at US Time Square twice”.

As was reported, Print-Rite’s NoTwist gear mechanism can reach the US market without any patent issues. During Remax Asia 2014, Print-Rite plans to launch a PR-2 product range, which, the company believes, provides a greater patent assurance to the market.

Print-Rite noted it “has resolved the case with Canon in a prompt and professional manner with a strong understanding and respect on intellectual property”. Spending 50 million RMB on R&D including patent development, Print-Rite has registered over 2,200 patents worldwide. It is also a current, one-of-its-kind company to receive the awards of ‘The Biggest Patent Portfolio’ among all aftermarket manufacturers and, “2013 Chinese Patent Award of Excellence’”by State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C.

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