HP to Invest USD $300 million in New Manufacturing Facility

HP to Invest USD $300 million in New Manufacturing Facility

According to The Star Online, Hewlett-Packard (HP) plans to invest about USD $300 million (more than RM 1 billion) in a new manufacturing facility in Batu Kawan, Penang, which will produce print head components for high-speed inkjet printers.

As was revealed, HP will reach agreement with the state government by the end of this month to acquire a property as its new plant. Covering around 20.2 hectares in Penang, the plant will be used for production of the integrated circuit die with imported wafer which will be used in the print head for the high-speed inkjet printers. Plus, the plant will create more than 1,000 job positions and generate outsourcing jobs for the local small and medium companies for precision tooling and metal fabrication businesses.

Reporters noted that HP’s recent action of splitting into two companies “will have no impact on the decision to set up a manufacturing facility in Batu Kawan”. HP also plans to open a new graphics solution centre of excellence and expand its ink manufacturing facility in Singapore next year. The new plant in Penang will be in line with the new facility in Singapore.

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