Printer Analyzer Can Keep Energy Phantoms at Bay

The federal government has been concerned with the costs of phantom power in IT devices for years. Back in 2001, President George Bush ordered agencies to slay what he called energy vampires, eliminating devices that used up too much standby power.

But like any good villain from a monster movie, government’s energy vampires were not so easily dispatched. In fact, it’s possible that they have grown over the years.

Verdiem is attempting to become the garlic necklace or holy water against these pests with its newest software product, Verdiem Print & Power Analyzer, which builds on Verdiem’s IT energy management and efficiency platform to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. It lets organizations measure end-user print activity, identify both local and networked printers, characterize costs and analyze the data to uncover opportunities to optimize the print environment. According to the company,  this often results in reduced enterprise print costs of up to 30 percent, or $20 to $60 per user per year.

“IT organizations are experiencing increased pressure to improve service delivery and reduce costs, but they typically have little to no visibility into the costs and utilization of their print environment,” said John Scumniotales, the company’s CEO. “Industry benchmarks show that most organizations easily spend $300 dollars or more per employee per year on printing.”

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