Lexmark Survey Reveals EU Myths and Misconceptions about Laser Printer Supplies

A survey commissioned by Lexmark found that many European office workers do not know the use, cost or quality of laser printer supplies. The survey questioned office workers across Europe and found “knowledge to be very low” regarding laser printer supplies, noting that “common beliefs and misconceptions” were widely held by those surveyed.

The survey was compiled from interviews with 664 office workers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK, with the results collected this year. It reveals that 75% of the participants don’t know how many pages their printer cartridge should print, and 28% believe they must pay to recycle an empty toner cartridge!

Of those surveyed, 84% had no idea how many more pages they can print after a low toner warning appears; 50% believe that the more expensive the toner cartridge, the higher the print cost per page. Three out of five of the participants also stated they believe the quality of printing goes down the less toner there is in the cartridge.

Danny Molhoek, General Manager at Lexmark UK and Ireland, said of the results: “Our survey shows that many people have little knowledge of what they can expect from their printer supplies and several misconceptions about capabilities and costs,” adding that, “Whilst some of these may have been true in the past, technology, as ever, is advancing. Cost per page is getting lower, whilst the yield, reliability and sustainability of products are increasing all the time.”

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