Fuji Xerox Spawns Service Subsidiary Continuing Its Investment in China

Fuji Xerox recently announced the establishment of Fuji Xerox Service (China) Inc., a company that provides document outsourcing services. Fuji Xerox plans to offer customers in China a full range of efficient document outsourcing to help create value and enhance business growth. The new subsidiary demonstrates Fuji Xerox’s commitment to increasing its investment in China.

With a registered capital of $8.5 million, Fuji Xerox Service (China) Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox (China) Inc. Its business scope covers document-related outsourcing services and associated management and consulting services. The document-related outsourcing services include office document management, document outsourcing, communication and internal enterprise services.

Documents play an essential role in business operations. The market for document process outsourcing services in China is expected to grow at a 10% annual rate. Thus, being the leading enterprise in this field, Fuji Xerox’s excellent capabilities, along with its global service network, guarantees the consistency of its global service quality.

China is now the major production base of Fuji Xerox as well as the significant potential market for its products. The founding of Fuji Xerox Service (China) Inc. will undoubtedly enhance Fuji Xerox’s overall business landscape in China.

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