Xerox Rolls Out Next Generation Printer

Trade Arabia reports that Xerox rolled out its iGen4 Diamond Edition. This next generation of Xerox’s iGen4 platform offers print solution providers a competitive advantage in producing brochures, catalogues, magazines and direct mail pieces.

Many of the enhancements of the iGen4 Diamond Edition are time saving, automated features found on the Xerox iGen 150 Press, including the 26″ stacker and color maintenance which takes the complexity and manual labor out of analyzing color images.

A statement from Xerox said that with the iGen4 Diamond Edition, job setup is easier and production times are faster. The newest iGen4 also has precise, repeatable color image control to ensure the first printed piece has the same quality as the last one. This he last one –mes are faster,is a must when matching corporate colors and logos.

The statement said Xerox’s profit accelerator digital business resources is the largest collection of business development tools and services in the industry. Print solution providers can also use it to make the most of their technology investment.

The iGen4 platform offers a good return on investment, according to SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory. In a study conducted by the firm, the Xerox iGen4 achieved the highest machine availability of the evaluated commercial presses, which outperforms the competition.

It said higher machine availability means higher performance, more salable print pieces in the hands of customers, and greater income for the digital press owner.

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