Print-Rite RW2 Products Cleared US Customs

Print-Rite RW2 Products Cleared US Customs

Print-Rite RW2 Products Cleared US Customs

Print-Rite RW2 Products Cleared US CustomsChina-based Print-Rite claimed that its patented products with a highly innovative Reset Wheel structure (RW2) cleared U.S. customs.

In January this year, Print-Rite offered the RW2 IP safe design and trademark for BRO toner cartridge as the first new year gift from Print-Rite to customers.

Print-Rite put an image of the workaround design used in the cartridge on the outside of the box to reveal what its patented solution looks like, inside the box.

This has not been done before.

In this case, the products are compatible monochrome and color toner cartridges that can be used in a range of Brother printers particularly in Europe and the United States:

“The RW2 trademark represents the BRO toner cartridge inside the box is having the IP safe RW2 structure,” the Print-Rite promotion stated. “[The IP-safe cartridges will] let you enter different markets smoothly.”

Steve Weedon, CEO of Print-Rite’s European division said, “The range of patented products owned by Print-Rite is over 3,000.” According to Weedon, all of their products are patent safe and fully accredited in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 19798, ISO 19752 and IECQ HSPM QC 080000 standards.

With state-of-the-art laboratories and a raw materials plant working alongside a total manufacturing floor space of more than 1.3m sq ft. Print-Rite distributes its products to more than 70 countries.



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