Print-Rite Debuts Its First 3D Printer

Print-Rite, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aftermarket printing supplies, announced the launch of its first desktop 3D printer and its consumables.

The firm stated the new printer and its supplies are protected by more than 10 patents. The drive software, control plate and firmware of the printer were developed by Print-Rite. The new 3D printer offers a printing precision of 0.1mm, with much lower noise compared to other similar products. Moreover, the PLA/ABS printing materials used for the printer were formulated by both Print-Rite and 3D materials experts from US. They are compatible with mainstream desktop 3D printers, said Print-Rite.

The company noted its new 3D printers are ready to ship while the second generation is under development.

A representative from Print-Rite’s 3D printer project said, “We are one of the first aftermarket companies that has launched a 3D printer. This first generation, self-proprietary 3D printer provides high precision, reliability and stable printing at a reasonable price.”

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