Police Raid Fake HP Cartridges in Turkey rtmworld

Police Raid Fake HP Cartridges in Turkey

Police Raid Fake HP Cartridges in Turkey

Turkish officials have uncovered a huge network of fraudsters selling fake HP DeskJet GT inks in collaboration with HP.

According to Somag News, Turkish authorities, who raided various points of sale in Istanbul, confiscated 14,500 counterfeit products including many components used in the production of counterfeit cartridge products.

HP Turkey General Manager Emre Alaman said: “HP continues unabated as we protect our customers against fraud. This raid, in which thousands of counterfeit products have been seized, shows how effective Anti-Fraud teams are in removing counterfeit products from the market. ”

Police Raid Fake HP Cartridges in Turkey rtmworldHP’s original products are designed to meet HP’s quality and reliability standards, based on HP’s long history in investment and testing. Unlike counterfeit products, HP’s original toner and cartridges offer superior quality and performance.

In the EMEA region, approximately 12 million counterfeit products and components have been seized by local officials with backing from HP. At the same time, HP has conducted over 4,500 checks on questionable deliveries to its customers and business partners.

HP actively trains its customers and business partners under the Anti Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) program to be alert to counterfeit printing products. The company also works with local and global law enforcement agencies to detect and terminate illegal transactions that produce pressure components.



Does this story, “Police Raid Fake HP Cartridges in Turkey,” get you thinking that the OEMs and the aftermarket alike should be co-operating to rid this scourge of fake goods being trafficked in various places around the world? Add you comments below.

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