Patent for Holographic 3D Printers & Driver Granted to Samsung

The United States Patent Office has announced that Samsung has been granted a patent regarding holographic 3D printers and driver.

The patent will give Samsung ownership of a holographic 3D printing apparatus, as well as a method to control it, including the exact same technology and elements. It is said that the concept-based holographic 3D printer includes:

• A light source configured to emit a beam

• A beam splitting and expanding unit configured to split the emitted beam into a reference beam and signal beam, and to expand the signal beam

• An illumination unit configured to extract the expanded signal beam and collimate the extracted signal beam

• A spatial light modulator (SLM) configured to modulate the collimated signal beam

• An objective lens unit configured to emit the modulated signal beam to a holographic recording medium

• A reference beam forming unit configured to emit the reference beam to the holographic recording medium

With this new design, Samsung claims that the images recorded on a holographic recording medium, namely the photosensitive storage medium served as an interference pattern, can feasibly be 3D printed.

The concept was jointly created by Kyoung-seok Pyun, Andrew Putilin, Alexander Morozov, and Gee-young Sung. Plans on how Samsung will make use of the patent are not disclosed.

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