GPI Releases Statement for GEO

General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. (GPI), a Taiwan-based manufacturer of components for copier and laser printer toner cartridges, has released a statement in response to the ITC’s General Exclusion Order (GEO) covering

Canon’s twisted prism gear coupling patents.

GPI claims its current designs are not subject to the GEO and its unique flower gear is covered by U.S. patent 6,173,146. In addition, GPI has applied for patent protection for its new, non-twisted, “Enneagon” gear.

GPI notes that it was not a party to the GEO proceeding and Canon accused none of GPI’s products in the investigation No.337-TA-829.

Further, GPI stated it respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and requests third parties to in turn respect its intellectual property rights.

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