Canon Takes Legal Action in Brazil

In order to defend its patent intellectual rights, Canon is taking legal action against “copycat” or third party, new built cartridges, in Brazil.

The District Court Judge in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has granted a preliminary injunction.

Canon has announced, through an official statement on its website, it has filed two patent infringement complaints in Brazil against local companies for infringing its Brazilian patents Nos. PI 0720506-6 and PI 0807733-9. These relate, respectively, to an “electro photographic drum unit, processing cartridge and device for producing electro photographic images” and to a “developing device and device for producing electro photographic images for forming an image on a recording medium” by, inter alia, the offering and sale of certain toner cartridges for use in various models of Hewlett-Packard laser beam printers.

Consequently, the court has ordered the defendants to abstain from producing, using, placing for sale, selling or import, directly or indirectly, the toner cartridges mentioned in the complaints or any identical or similar toner cartridges. Any attempt to violating the injunction would cause a penalty or fine.

According to Canon, final decisions by the court are still pending. Any decisions, of course could be challenged by appeals by either parties.

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