Paper Waste Used as Alternative to Fossil Fuels

An Israeli based company has won an innovation award for producing a safe, alternative to fossil fuels from wood pulp waste.

Melodea bagged the Nanotechnology Innovation of the Year Award at the recent NanoIsrael 2016 conference in Tel Aviv.

As reported by Tonernews, Melodea developed the cost-effective technology to extract nano-crystalline cellulose (NCC) from wood pulp and other waste streams of the paper industry.

NCC is an abundant and renewable product made from paper industry waste, so it’s a green and safe alternative to fossil fuel-based materials. In Europe alone, 11 million tons of paper waste is produced every year.

Besides this, Melodea develops other unique technologies for producing NCC-based materials such as paints, eco-friendly construction foams, and water-based adhesives. Future uses are expected to include biodegradable plastic bags and textiles, electrically conductive paper, and new drug-delivery technologies.




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