Business Inform: 2015 Will Bring New Opportunities to the Russian Market

According to Business Inform, the annual demand for printing supplies in the laser office printing segment in 2015 will be the same as in 2014 (in units) but aftermarket sales will grow, displacing OEM products. The market research firm expects Russian customers will spend 22-25% less (in US Dollars) buying these products compared to 2014, but it foresees the sales of cheaper, aftermarket, Compatible Printing Supplies (CPS) will increase in 2015.

The report from Business Inform indicates the following trends:

  • Buyers who used good quality CPS in 2014 will look for cheaper CPS (up to 50-60% in units)
  • Buyers who used OEM cartridges in 2014 will look for good quality CPS (up to 40% in units)
  • CPS purchases will rise owing to a growing market in print outsourcing, up 25% in 2015

According to the study, the Russian market has been booming over the last few years. In 2014, 8.4 million compatible cartridges were sold in Russia. Annual sales of compatible cartridges in 2012-2013 were 8.1 million units and the sales of compatible cartridges are expected to grow to 10.3 million units, up 27%, in 2015.

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