Xerox Targets Metropolitan Market with Acquisition

Texas-based office equipment dealer Imagetek Office Systems will add Xerox’s copier and MFPs to its offerings, besides other OEM branded office-imaging equipment.

This follows Xerox’s Global Imaging Systems’ acquisition of Imagetek at an undisclosed sum. Nina Knight will continue to serve as president at Imagetek.

Michael Pietrunti, senior vice president of Acquisitions for Xerox’s Global Imaging Systems, said, “Growing our network of locally based companies remains an important part of our strategy to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. Adding Imagetek Office Systems to our portfolio will help bolster the Xerox presence in a very large metropolitan market with a lot of growth potential.”

Xerox’s Global Imaging Systems is made up of regional core companies in the United States that sell and service document-management systems such as printers, MFPs, network-integration services, and electronic-presentation systems.

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