Hundreds of Nominations Received for Global Imaging Awards

Over One Thousand Nominations Received for Global Imaging Awards

Over One Thousand Nominations Received for Global Imaging Awards

Entries Closed with Over One Thousand Nominations Received

The highly popular nomination phase for the RT Global Imaging Awards ended on July 31. Over the period of just one month, many from the imaging supplies industry demonstrated their unwavering passion by submitting nominations to honor those who have made remarkable contributions to the industry.

We are pleased to announce that we have received over a thousand nominations. After careful consideration, 76 candidates from around the world have been selected as the official nominees. It should be noted, that to be an “official nominee” reasons had to be given during the nomination process.

The successful nominees come from the USA, China, Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, and Nigeria. Each nominee has been put forward with compelling reasons highlighting why they deserve these prestigious awards.

Final winners will be rigorously evaluated and selected—in one of the twelve (12) different categories available—by a panel of 16 international judges in August.

Below the the list of 76 nominees:

Hundreds of Nominations Received for Global Imaging AwardsHundreds of Nominations Received for Global Imaging AwardsFinalists to be Awarded in October

This year, the RT Global Imaging Awards Ceremony will take place during the RemaxWorld Expo on October 12 in Zhuhai, China. This event will serve as the platform to unveil the final winners in each of the twelve (12) different categories.

We invite you to join us in recognizing and celebrating those who have made significant contributions to the imaging supplies industry.

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