With increasing purchasing demand in Office supplies, International Buyers Ready for RemaxWorld Expo 2016!

On October 13-15, the 10th RemaxWorld Expo will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in Zhuhai China, firstly integrating four events all together, where you can find diversified products such as print consumables, copier consumables, stationery, 3D printers and supplies all together in one business trip. This year, RemaxWorld Expo Organizers have offered a new service that has been picked up quickly by 100 international buyers from 30 regions. Collectively, the visitors in the “Hosted Buyer Program” expect to spend US$31.6 million during the Expo. Meanwhile, the hosted buyers from stationery industry will also be invited to this event for the first time.

With the increasing demand for one-stop purchasing, the organizer, Recycling Times Media (RT Media) firstly added a zone for stationery and special zone for copier consumables, to meet the demand by visitors looking to find a greater range of products to help diversify their businesses. At the present, RT Media has a positive cooperation with IOS, the well-known stationery media in China, organizing high-quality hosted buyers from stationery industry to the Expo. By then, 30 “hosted buyers” with large purchasing demand will be attending the event from different regions in China.

In addition to the hosted buyers program, the organizer will also launch the business match-making service, actively inviting qualified, global and industry buyers with the cooperation of worldwide chambers of commerce, industry associations and media partners. According to the statistics, hosted buyers are mainly from the countries and regions such as Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Africa, Australia, India and South Asia, looking forward to purchasing products such as ink cartridges, toner cartridges, toners, ink, chips, OPC drums, PCR, copier consumables and 3D supplies. Among them, the largest purchasing volume from buyers can be as much as 100 thousand OPC drums per month, and the highest purchasing amount from individual buyers will be reaching more than 5 million US dollars.

Up to early September, there has been a 200 percent increase in pre-registrations compared with the same time last year, which will keep increasing in the following days. All previous attendance records are expected to be broken again at this 10th RemaxWorld Expo where 14,000 professional visitors from around the world are expected.

One trip, four events. You can find print consumables, copier consumables stationeries and 3D supplies in the same business trip, saving tremendously on your time and expense.

Scan the QR code to pre-register for a FREE ticket! Looking forward to seeing you on Oct 13-15, 2016!

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