CTO of Apex to share the latest news at RemaxWorld Summit 2016

According to the report from various financial sources, Apex Microelectronics (Apex) hit a new high on early stock trading on September 19, 2016.

Back on July 25, Apex announced publicly it will purchase LEXMARK INTERNATIONAL LTD (listed on the New York Stock Exchange) for cash in cooperation with Pacific Alliance Group and Legend Capital.

On September 17, Apex announced the second-round examination of the acquisition is expected to be completed on September 29.

The transaction price is around US$2.7 billion with 100% stock rights. To date, this transaction has been approved by separate general meetings of stockholders of Apex and Lexmark, and passed anti-monopoly investigations by the US, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Austria and Russia.

As part of the acquisition of Lexmark, Apex is required to go through the second-round examination by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). If all procedures are approved, this will become a historical industry moment for a Chinese company to acquire an overseas market.

Mr. Ding Li, the CTO at Apex Microelectronics will be attend the RemaxWorld Summit 2016 on October 12 to share how the industry should respond to the challenges of chip technology development.

As a leading figure in aftermarket chips, Mr. Ding Li has been dedicated to chip research and development for more than 16 years. During his work in Apex, Li organized the research and development team of more than 200 people, successfully releasing thousands of chips within the industry and applying for more than 70 individual patents. Face-to-face interactions with Li are invited during the summit—an opportunity to learn more about technologies, marketing and business strategies at Apex.

In addition the organizers, Recycling Times Media (RT Media) have invited other captains of Chinese industry, enterprise executives, industry experts, legal and marketing professionals such as Mary Ouyang, the CEO of Mito, Dr. Richard Yu, the chairman from Goldengreen (SGT), Arnald Ho, the Founding Chairman of Print-Rite and Steve Weedon, the global CEO from Cartridge World, to share their business insights into industry trends.

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