Top 5 Nominees for RT Global Imaging Awards

Top 5 Nominees for RT Global Imaging Awards

Top 5 Nominees for RT Global Imaging Awards

Top 5 Nominees

In just three weeks RT has received hundreds of nominations for the RT Global Imaging Awards from individuals, organizations, and companies from 10 countries.

Naturally, some companies have been nominated by more than one person with each providing similar, yet different reasons for the nomination.

The five most nominated companies are:

Top 5 Nominees for RT Global Imaging Awards

Being a popularly nominated organization, or individual, is a reward of itself, but it does not necessarily mean these companies will be the final winners of the awards. The 15 independent judges, from around the world, will make their decisions based on the merits of each organization and individual. This means the reasons provided for the nomination are more important.

“The finalists in each of the 12 categories are awarded on merit,” said David Gibbons, Director of International Communication. “Quality is considered much more highly than quantity.”

The final winners will be selected by culminating each of the judges’ votes. The judges will be looking for outstanding reasons to choose the winner in each of the 12 categories.

IP Safe Award

The IP Safe Award was set up in 2015 and was originally called the Anti-Counterfeiting Award. Last year, RT refined the selection criteria for this award and updated it with a more precise and accurate name: IP Safe Award.

This award is bestowed upon a company, organization, or individual that has made an exceptional impact in combating the illicit trade of counterfeit imaging supplies and promoting the use of non-infringing products through the research, development, and/or production of IP-safe components using remanufactured and/or compatible printer cartridges.Top 5 Nominees for RT Global Imaging Awards

In 2022, Katun Corporation became the second recipient of this award after Imaging Supplies Coalition won it six times consecutively. RT looks forward to more participants being nominated representing a diverse range of perspectives.

Entries close on July 31. Organisers urge all industry people to take a moment to honor those who have made remarkable contributions in delivering exceptional products, services, fulfilling their duties, driving innovation, and demonstrating unwavering passion to propel the advancement of this industry. Click here to nominate and offer your persuasive reasons now!


Nominations Boom for RT Global Imaging Awards

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