Office Depot Investigates Consumers’ Recycling Habits

Office Depot, a global provider of office products, services, and solutions, conducted its monthly Personal Shopper Index online among a nationally representative sample of consumers/personal shoppers who purchase office products for personal use. The interviews were completed from March 11-30, 2015 among a total of 503 respondents.

Results show that more than 80% of consumers opine recycling as an integral aspect of their daily lives. 77% of the respondents recycle paper, which is the third most commonly recycled category after aluminum cans and plastic bottles. 66% of consumers list paper as the eco-conscious product category they ‘purchase the most’.

Yalmaz Siddiqui, Senior Director, Environmental & Supplier Diversity Strategy for Office Depot, Inc., stated, “The fact that paper is still by far the most popular category that consumers seek in their greener purchasing decisions shows that it remains the ‘indicator category’ for environmentally preferable purchasing. As one of the world’s largest resellers of recycled office paper this is both an opportunity and a challenge. We need to further educate the marketplace that greener options exist in practically all product categories.”

“The challenge for marketers is to help consumers expand the set of products in which they actively seek greener options. Office Depot is taking active steps to increase both awareness of this wider set of products, and of the reality that many greener products actually cost less than non-green alternatives,” added Siddiqui.

Office Depot says it provides a wide variety of eco-conscious product categories including paper, ink and toner, cleaning and breakroom, and promotional products. All of these categories can be found on the company’s GreenerOffice website.

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