Court Decision Favors 123inkt against Samsung, Again, the Netherlands-based webshop for toner and ink cartridges, won the appeal in its patent dispute with Samsung. was accused of breaching Samsung’s patent EP-2397914-B1 (EP914) with the use of aftermarket chips it used in its range of aftermarket Samsung laser printer cartridges. In a judgement at the District Court at The Hague, dated 30th October 2014, the court ruled in favor of

Samsung filed an appeal. However, all claims of Samsung were rejected by the Hague Court of Appeal again. During the trial, the court found the patent of Samsung non-inventive and there is a high probability the patent will be invalidated.

Gerben Kreuning, Director of, is pleased with the result of the lawsuit, as the company could continue to sell its own brand toners for Samsung printers. He is glad that the court has ruled on two occasions in favor of He believes Samsung’s patent on the chip is not inventive and it is being used as a means of enforcing a monopoly on the sale of after-market toners.


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