New Printer Series Launched to Lead Print Security

New Printer Series Launched to Lead Print Security

New Printer Series Launched to Lead Print SecurityPantum International Limited (Pantum) has exhibited a series of new laser printers applicable to diverse office environments on the 11th RemaxWorld Expo held in Zhuhai, China.

Pantum’s marketing director Guo Yunfeng has explained to RT Media that its new multifunctional laser printer series contain both monochrome and color laser multifunctional printers.

New Printer Series Launched to Lead Print SecurityThe monochrome multifunctional laser printer series mainly consists of Pantum M7200/M7100/M6700/M7600 series, while the color laser printer series covers CP 2500DN series. Mr. Guo reveals that all the printer series displayed on this expo are equipped with network and Wi-Fi ports, while parts of printers have added front-loading USB connector, such as Pantum M7200/M7100 series. With the USB port, printer users can store print documents in digital without connecting the network, which have greatly reduced their operational time and efforts.

All of Pantum’s new printer series have utilized the separation structure of drum units and toner hopper, so users can replace different toner hoppers with different print yield without replacing drum units. This is not only environmental-friendly, but also can accommodate various demands of printer users. Besides, this series of printers can rectify deviation automatically when printing the identity card, which has significantly improved the experience of printer users. Meanwhile, M7600 FDN series has equipped with a high-speed scanner. Its fastest print speed can reach 42 ppm, while its maximum capacity of toner hopper is around 20,000 pages. This series is mainly fit for high-end and large commercial enterprises.

New Printer Series Launched to Lead Print SecurityCP2500DN is the first color laser printer of Pantum, which can produce high-quality color documents. Its toner cartridge has also adopted the separation structure of drum units and toner hopper, which is convenient for printer users to replace toner hoppers. In addition, Mr. Guo also discloses that Pantum P3508 printer series can remove the information in printer’s internal storage and drum units, along with encrypting the chips within toner cartridges after printing, so that the security of print information can be guaranteed. Mr. Guo states proudly, “In the field of information security, Pantum is the only printer supplier who owns proprietary intellectual property rights and has realized secure printing in China.”

New Printer Series Launched to Lead Print SecurityMr. Guo(pictured) also reveals that although the wave of “paperless” is gradually moving forward, market requirements on printing will remain stable. As Ninestar has completed the acquisition of Lexmark, Pantum and Lexmark will carry out deeper cooperation on product technologies and seek mutual extension of market shares on printers in the future.

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