Office Depot Becomes HP Newest Retail Recycling Ally

HP announced new products and expanded solutions that enable printing customers to reduce their environmental impact while benefitting from the quality and reliability of Original HP printing supplies.

The new offerings include a complete line of sustainably sourced papers and the addition of Office Depot as HP’s newest retail recycling ally.

An industry leader in the shift to more environmentally sustainable printing, HP is leveraging key relationships with manufacturing, retail and nongovernmental organization (NGO) partners to provide customers with products and solutions designed with the environment in mind—from design and manufacturing to use and recycling.

“Our customers want printing solutions that offer quality and reliability, with proven environmental performance,” said Annukka Dickens, director, Americas Environmental Leadership Team, HP. “HP’s approach includes innovative and environmentally sustainable product design, and free and easy return and recycling to help customers reach their sustainability goals.”

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