Ricoh Goes from Blasting to Targeting

Ricoh USA’s lead generation strategy used to revolve heavily around shotgunning email messages to prospects and customers. But for a global office equipment and software brand that services both large enterprises and small businesses, it makes little sense to send a mass message to prospects with vastly different needs.

Corey Flowers, the company’s senior manager of demand generation, realized she needed a more sophisticated system—something that would let her team do lead scoring and segment the prospect and customer messaging—to better target those local and large global accounts.

Last January the company began using Marketo’s marketing automation solution, shortly after the organization implemented a new CRM solution from Salesforce. This was a lot of internal change in a very short time. So, before Ricoh could start firing off targeted, segmented lead gen messages through its Marketo-Salesforce deployment, there were some unexpected integration issues that needed to be ironed out.

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