MSE Celebrates a 20 Year Milestone

Global leading remanufacturer MSE announced the celebration of its 20th anniversary in business, a milestone for the company.

Yoel Wazana, President and Founder of MSE, started the business as a family-owned company in 1994 and now finds it to be one of the largest remanufacturers in the world. Pioneering many technologies in the aftermarket, MSE has had a long and impressive journey.

Wazana said, “Avi and I are proud of the lives we have changed, the thousands of jobs we have created here in the USA and abroad, and the many relationships we have created that transcend business. From Day One we committed to quality, innovation, and fostering an environment where our staff, and our customers can grow and offer products that they can truly believe in. Twenty years in, we still hold these founding principles to guide us and because of the relationships we have created we have the resources to continue our commitment to our collective futures.”

Echoed CEO Avi Wazana, “We created the MSE brand all those years ago to align our interests with that of our customers, creating a linkage that goes beyond dollars and cents. We will continue to invest in brand development and better tools to ensure bright futures for all in the MSE family for years to come. We offer our sincerest thanks for going on this journey with us—bumps and all. The entire ride wouldn’t have been possible without our extended MSE partners. We recently joined forces with Clover Technologies, a leader in the industry. Together with the Clover group, our customers, and vendors, we believe we can win as one, sharing our matching cultures in the continued spirit of our original vision and core values.”

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