OEM Took a Huge Step on Protection from Counterfeiting and Fraud

OEM Took a Huge Step on Protection from Counterfeiting and Fraud

HP has announced its success on countering fraud and counterfeiting in EMEA in 2016.

According to HP, its Anti Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) program has assisted law enforcement officials in seizing a total about 1.9M counterfeit products from May to October, 2016. The OEM also claims that the local officials have stopped thousands of grey market toners to enter the European Economic Area.

The ACF program aims to offer protection for channel partners and customers in EMEA. With customers across EMEA seeking advices from the OEM’s ACF experts, the program offers free on-site examinations of suspicious cartridges deliveries. Among the 90 new customer delivery inspections from May to October, the experts have identified about 5,100 fake or fraudulent items. The OEM has also conducted 530 new Channel Partner Protection Audits to ensure that its sales channel is a reliable place for purchase.

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To be against counterfeit, HP has updated the security labelling by providing new bar codes and packaging for its toners and ink cartridges. The OEM also offers updates on when to expect a security label.

For more information, please visit hp.com.

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