OCP Announces Organizational Changes

OCP GmbH, based in Bochum, Germany, announced changes in the firm’s organization whereby, Founders Dr. Siegfried Koch and Horst-Gerhardt Edelmeier, made a lateral move and are now members of a newly-formed Advisory Board. The two Founders will serve as Chairman of the Advisory Board and Vice Chairman, respectively. In addition, Mr. Michael Pohlschmidt (pictured) has joined the company as General Manager.

OCP declared that Dr. Koch will maintain his responsibilities in the company’s mid- and long-term development strategy, in general, and will focus in particular on the business division, ComPrint.

Mr. Horst Edelmeier will be in daily co-operation with Mr. Pohlschmidt,    paying special attention to the commercial side of the two business divisions: ComPrint (commercial printing) and IndPrint (industrial printing). Also, he will be responsible for certain aspects of raw materials acquisition.

Further, OCP reported that Mr. Pohlschmidt’s professional background is in banking and business management and he has accumulated over 20 years of experience in supporting mid-size businesses. Michael Pohlschmidt worked for several years at the investment company IKB, Deutsche Industrie Bank AG, Düsseldorf.  IKB became an OCP shareholder in 2005.
Pohlschmidt has successfully assisted OCP for nearly 10 years during which time he contributed to OCP’s achieving their current market position. IKB left OCP as a shareholder in October 2013. Old and new shareholders have now acquired all shares of IKB.

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